Use Houston floods to pilot Rebuild America’s Infrastructure plan

Use Houston floods to pilot Rebuild America’s Infrastructure plan
August 28 16:42 2017 Print This Article

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Gulf Coast of Texas as well as Houston, America’s fourth largest city, and other inland areas of South Texas. The lingering storm caused massive flooding and will require an overhaul of the area’s infrastructure, from sewage treatment plants to water systems to roads.

The disaster will provide a great opportunity to pilot test the Rebuild America’s Infrastructure plan proposed by President Donald Trump in June. The idea was suggested by a caller to the Rush Limbaugh radio show. The plan calls for an extensive partnership between local state and federal governments and the private sector. There are already significant federal assets on hand from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

America’s infrastructure is rated as the 12th best in the world. President Trump has called that ranking a national embarrassment. The cornerstone of the Rebuild America’s Infrastructure plan is the reduction of the federal permitting timeline from 10 years to 2 years. With Houston having urgent needs, the timeline must be further accelerated. Another key aspect of the program is training one million new skilled workers through apprenticeship education. See the plan here:

President Trump recently told state transportations leaders, “Faster approvals and a partnership with state and local leaders will lead to dramatic improvements all around the country. Our infrastructure will once again by the envy of the world.” In Houston, the people need a responsive government working with the private sector to get systems restored quickly.