West Ashley business helps smokers kick the habit with laser therapy

West Ashley business helps smokers kick the habit with laser therapy
August 08 11:32 2019 Print This Article

Fourteen years ago, Mary Maguire and Brian Murray were addicted to tobacco. The married couple both decided to receive treatment at a Anne Penman Laser Therapy center and have been tobacco and nicotine free ever since. They recently opened an Anne Penman Laser Therapy center in West Ashley at the 1 Carriage Lane office complex.

The therapy, developed in Scotland 30 years ago, involves 45-minute treatments with a low-powered laser along “energy points” in the hands, face and wrists. The pain-free treatment releases endophins, which allow the body to remove nicotine, excess blood glucose and other toxins. The same therapy is also used to facilitate weight loss and stress management.

The programs all include counseling. Before receiving a laser treatment for smoking cessation, for example, participants are asked to set a goal date for being tobacco and nicotine-free, announce to family and friends their intention to quit, and keep a diary of what triggers their desire to reach for a tobacco product. During the pre-treatment counseling session, participants are also given a carbon monoxide test. Non-smokers typically have about one to three parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide in their lungs. Smokers typically have 15 ppm or above. Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in the lungs and bloodstream.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that about 68% of adult smokers want to quit in any given year and that only about 6 to 7 percent are successful. Of those who are successful, most of them use gum, patches, vapor devices or prescription medications that contain nicotine, which is a toxin and a stimulant. Maguire states that 60% of those receiving laser treatments quit smoking immediately (as she did) and that another 20% quit after several treatments, and they do it without nicotine delivery systems. One of the unique support systems provided by Anne Penman Laser Therapy centers is a 24/7 helpline. Maguire’s clients are given her cell phone number and invited to call her at any time if they feel tempted to resume smoking.

The laser therapy weight loss program is designed to last a month and includes weekly laser treatments. The typical goal is to lose two to three pounds per week. The stress management treatment is also designed for four weekly treatments with follow-up sessions as needed. Both of those programs have an emphasis on building support networks, exercising, journaling, and engaging in fun activities.

Those wishing to learn more or schedule an appointment may call 843-501-7279 or e-mail Mary@AnnePenman.com.