West Ashley Circle Harris Teeter gets preliminary approval

West Ashley Circle Harris Teeter gets preliminary approval
July 17 21:05 2017 Print This Article

The City of Charleston’s Design Review Board (DRB) granted preliminary approval to the retail project between West Ashley Circle and Grand Oaks Blvd. anchored by grocery chain Harris Teeter. The project was first placed on the DRB agenda in August 2016. Developer Rivers Enterprises had to amend its design applications three times to get the preliminary approval.

The design plan was amended to include enhanced landscaping with palmetto trees and more windows. The DRB asked for further landscaping upgrades and other design improvements before granting final approval.

West Ashley residents attending the hearing were dismayed to learn that the DRB is not allowed to address concerns about drainage, traffic and safety. The board only addresses aesthetic items such as architecture, landscaping, lighting and signage. DRB Chairwoman Erica Chase told attendees that they would have to address their concerns to City staff. The City’s Technical Review Committee holds hearings in a small office and does not allow public comment on drainage, traffic and safety issues.

Shadowmoss Plantation resident Howard Sharman expressed concern over further development in the wetlands. He asked, “Are these not protected wetlands?” He noted that three of his neighbors have had their properties condemned due to frequent flooding related to wetlands development. He added that wetlands development leads to snake, alligator and mosquito infestation in surrounding subdivisions.