West Ashley residents suffer as drainage gets ignored

West Ashley residents suffer as drainage gets ignored
September 12 15:43 2017 Print This Article

Dozens of West Ashley neighborhoods experienced flooding Monday as the back bands of Tropical Storm Irma brought four to five inches of rain. A lot of the damage was brought on by the failure of the drainage infrastructure to be maintained by the City of Charleston, Charleston County and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).

Wendell and Lisa Glover live in the Magnolia Ranch neighborhood off Highway 61 since before Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and have never experienced flooding until recent years. The property is in unincorporated Charleston County, and Lisa said nobody in the county has seemed concerned about the repeated flooding damage in the area. There was standing water in the ditches 18 hours after the last rainfall, indicating that it is not draining properly.

Mustafa Ozyurt has experienced extensive flooding in his Shadowmoss home in the City of Charleston four times since 2015. He says that there was never a problem on his property until the construction of West Ashley Circle and the widening of Bees Ferry Road. Ozyurt suspects that SCDOT used drainage piping on Bees Ferry Road with inadequate diameter to accommodate the runoff rainwater. Three of his neighbors have abandoned their homes because there is no prospect of selling them and too costly to re-build. Lowcountry Source has reported on problems associated with West Ashley Circle.

Senator Sandy Senn was on-hand to hear the concerns of West Ashley residents who experienced flooding damage. She pledged to work closely with SCDOT to work out the engineering problems associated with the Church Creek Drainage Basin.

The City of Charleston is paying engineering firm Wescott & Sampson to do a study of the Church Creek basin. Project Manager Robert Horner has requested people to document drainage concerns and send pictures to HornerR@WSEINC.com. The firm is conducting a community outreach meeting Wednesday at 6 pm at the Canterbury Woods Clubhouse, 2070 Pinehurst Drive, Charleston, SC 29414.

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  1. September 12, 15:56 #1 Anonymous

    They need to look at west oak forest as well. They weren’t included in the drainage project near 61 but major flooding with every rain. Letters have been written to scdot, storm water as well as mayor.

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  2. September 12, 21:30 #2 Al A

    They better look at Ashley Hall Plantation!!! It has been an issue for the past 11 years! Tired of being ignored yet stay up in all my taxes! I even rented a tractor dug a ditch added drian tile in my own. That still wasn’t enough to resolve the constant flooding in Ashley Hall Plantation! Senators, City Council members all need to be aware ignore us and other suffering areas and you will not recieve our votes. Our voices collectively must be heard!!

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  3. September 13, 12:49 #3 David Glover

    Does anyone get the coincidence that after the work on BeesFerry Rd is started and completed that we have these issues?

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    • September 14, 15:07 Mark

      It started long before that. It is all the new developments. All of bees ferry rd before development was nothing more than swamp land. When you fill it in and build on it that water has to go somewhere else. I have lived off wallenberg for 30 years, never have seen flooding like I do now. The only difference?, all the new developments. Thats it plain and simple. Too much construction with no regard for drainage as a result. I guess it is the other guys problem now. The city planners are too greedy to care about it and apparently are also immune to answer for their money hungry miscalculations. They know they are screwing people and they could care less.

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