We’ve got Harry’s Griffin’s back

We’ve got Harry’s Griffin’s back
June 24 15:46 2018 Print This Article

Charleston’s daily newspaper, which often tells us that West Ashley has too many parking spaces or that we should commute by bicycle, seems to be targeting 23-year-old Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin. The latest example was going after Griffin in the Sunday commentary section for his vote against a resolution apologizing for the role Charleston played during the era of slavery. The measure passed on a 7-5 vote. Lowcountry Source does not like seeing the media giant go after the impressive young Councilman, whose primary concern is solving the drainage problem in his flood-prone Church Creek Drainage Basin district. We have his back!

Griffin explained his vote on the resolution by stating, “The majority of Charlestonians that I talked to from personal experiences were not willing to apologize for something they did not take a part in.” Griffin is amazingly accessible in his district,  and he listens to its people. He defeated the incumbent and a Chamber of Commerce-backed challenger in November 2017 to become the youngest councilman in Charleston history. He was not yet seated when the council voted on the 2018 budget and allocated millions to bicycle paths but no funds to the $44 Million in drainage improvements recommended in the Church Creek Drainage Basin Study.

Rather than issuing an apology for an atrocity which was remedied 153 years ago, City Council should take measures to improve the standard of living and quality of life for its poor minority population. Most of the jobs in the city are low-paying service sector jobs. The city should partner with the business community and start an apprenticeship program for the many skilled labor jobs in demand. It took us about six months to get a tree removed last year because there were not enough local crews available to do the job. The crew which eventually removed our tree came from North Carolina. Quality and affordable medical and dental care are also in short supply in Charleston. Seacoast Church operates a multi-service Dream Center clinic in North Charleston, which serves thousands of low-income residents each year. Charleston needs something similar to serve its low-income population.

Charleston needs to focus less on symbolism and do a lot more to meet the needs of its people. Harry Griffin is a man of action. He is fully committed to fixng the drainage problem which plagues thousands of families in his district. Despite his youth, Griffin represents the type of leadership the people of Charleston are looking for!