What gets you expelled in CCSD

What gets you expelled in CCSD
April 18 18:45 2018 Print This Article

On March 19 school authorities received a tip that an 11th grader at the School of the Arts magnet school had a gun in her car. The 11th grader told other students she had the gun, and they reported it. Principal Shannon Cook and the School Resource Officer (SRO) searched the car and found a handgun and 33 rounds of ammunition.

The student was referred to the Department of Alternative Programs (DAP) for violating the Progressive Discipline Plan of Charleston County School District (CCSD). The student was referred to the North Charleston Constituent District 4 School Board. At the board meeting, a motion was made to expel the student, but the motion was not seconded. As a result, the student was allowed to return to SOA. Principal Cook appealed the case to the Charleston County School Board. The board met and voted 7 – 2 to expel the student.

This was a tough case for all parties involved. The SOA student was exemplary in both her academic performance and conduct, according to her teachers. It was reported that the gun was left in the car by her parent. CCSD has a policy to expel students that bring a gun to school, and the rule does not allow room for exceptions. With all the recent school shootings, this is understandable.

Lowcountry Source recently spoke with a teacher in another North Charleston school, a Title 1 school with a majority of students from low-income families. The teacher reported that a student who continually disrupted class and violently assaulted other students was referred for expulsion to the North Charleston Constituent 4 School Board. The board has sent the student back to school on probation four times. This teacher reports that the District 4 board routinely sends violent and disruptive students back to class. In our source’s estimation, if 5% of the school was expelled, discipline would be restored, and student achievement would soar. Lowcountry Source stands by the consolidated School Board for upholding its rule on weapons possession at schools. We believe that physically violent students should also be expelled.