Bolling predicts a Trump win in 2020

Bolling predicts a Trump win in 2020
September 12 17:08 2018 Print This Article

Former Fox News and Fox Business anchor Eric Bolling was in the Lowcountry Sunday and predicted that President Donald Trump will easily get re-elected in 2020. He told the crowd at Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant, “He’s going to win in 2020. I don’t know what will happen to the Republican Party when he leaves office.”

Bolling, who was once a minor league baseball player and a successful commodities trader, will soon be a Lowcountry resident. He endorsed 1st Congressional District candidate Katie Arrington, who was also on-hand Sunday. The event was sponsored by the group Red Hats for Trump, which was founded by Navy veteran Don Bowne, who was inspired to vote for Trump in late 2015 when he saw the candidate donning his signature Make America Great Again hat at an airport in New Mexico. Bowne meets the profile of the coalition author Salena Zito described in her best-selling book, The Great Revolt.

A personal friend of President Trump for years, Bolling said the polls were wrong in 2016 because people were embarrassed to tell pollsters that they supported Trump. As Zito noted in her book, Trump supporters who don’t ordinarily vote were not polled. Bolling was concerned about Trump’s plans to impose tariffs on China and the European Union and called him to discuss his trade policy. Trump told him, “Don’t worry, Eric. We’re going to lower tariffs when they lower them on us.” That is already happening with the European Union, and there are ongoing trade negotiations with China and Canada. A trade deal with Mexico was recently finalized. Bolling shares Trump’s preference for bilateral trade deals and believes that multi-lateral trade arrangements run by international bureaucracies take away American sovereignty. Bolling is also a strong supporter of Trump’s border security plan. He said, “Build the wall, and build it to 50 feet!”

Bolling predicts that conservative Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) will be the next Speaker of the House, noting that the current Republican leadership doesn’t support border security or immigration reform. He recently began a a new internet program on The subscription-based website provides on-demand video and has notable contributors like Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin. He records his program in a Washington hotel lobby and does lots of interviews with people passing by his set. The author of the best-selling book The Swamp, Bolling said, “All I want to do is shed a light on the (Washington, DC) Swamp and expose the truth.” He credited Myrtle Beach activists Gerri McDaniel, Robin Holley and Linda McHugh with organizing the most successful stop on his book-signing tour.

The original spokesman for former Governor Mark Sanford, Will Folks, reported in his political blog Fitsnews that Bolling is considering opposing Senator Lindsey Graham in the 2020 Republican primary.