Cory Lewandowski visits Conway Saturday to promote book

January 18 16:09 2019 Print This Article

Cory Lewandowski, President Donald Trump’s original campaign manager in 2015 and early 2016, will be in Conway Saturday to discuss and sign his latest book “How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency.” Lewandowski will appear at the Empowered Conference Saturday at 12:30 pm at Burroughs & Chapin Auditorium, 2050 Highway 501 on the campus of Horry- Georgetown Technical College. The conference is sponsored by the non-profit Red Hats For Trump. Tickets may be purchased at

Lewandowski’s book chronicles the numerous people who have tried to sabotage the Trump presidency. They include federal bureaucrats, including many of the top officials in the Justice Department and the FBI, the national media, the Democrats, establishment Republicans, left-leaning nonprofits, and “Never Trump” conservatives. Lewandowski singles out Trump’s opponents out by name. The Empowered Conference will also include discussions on state issues and flooding control measures. Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette will also be a featured speaker.