Tecklenburg gives State of West Ashley address

Tecklenburg gives State of West Ashley address
January 25 20:31 2017 Print This Article

A day after delivering the annual State of the City address at Charles Towne Landing, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg gave what amounted to the State of West Ashley address at the monthly West Ashley/ James Island Business Association meeting Wednesday at Bessinger’s Barbeque. He laid out many West Ashley revitalization plans in progress.

Tecklenburg opened by touting the Tax Incremental Finance District (TIF), which will pump an estimated $69 Million into upgrading Sam Rittenberg Boulevard from Citadel Mall to the North Bridge. He thanked Charleston County Council and Charleston County School District for co-operating on the project. It will focus on intersection improvements and improved landscaping to attract retailers and improve property values.

The Mayor also cited the Dupont/Wappoo area rezoning plan as a landmark milestone in which the City of Charleston and Charleston County planning staffs worked together to produce an integrated plan to improve a large stretch of Savannah Highway. He pointed to intersections at Wappoo Road, Orleans Road and Dupont Road which can all adopt retail plans giving the surrounding neighborhoods a variation of the successful Avondale revitalization.

Tecklenberg made a few exciting announcements as well. He said the unpopular Sunoco gas station development at the former Piggly Wiggly property at the junction of Sam Rittenberg and Old Towne Road will not go through. He spoke of plans to redesign the “suicide merge” at the junction and include crosswalks to connect the surrounding neighborhoods with the shopping center. Tecklenburg also announced that Whole Foods has signed a lease at its future Savannah Highway site and that construction will begin soon.

Addressing a major West Ashley concern, Tecklenburg pledged to improve drainage throughout the area. He said a comprehensive drainage study will be done by City of Charleston and Charleston County public works staffs and that preventive maintenance to the drainage system will be improved. He also said that building codes will be upgraded in the flood-prone Church Creek drainage basin.