WA Revitalization Commission seeks citizen involvement

WA Revitalization Commission seeks citizen involvement
January 19 20:04 2017 Print This Article

The West Ashley Revitalization Commission met for the first time since November on Thursday evening. Commission Chairman Peter Shahid, a Charleston City Councilman who represents West Ashley, expressed a goal of getting the 10 subcommittees organized.

Only two of the subcommittees, communications and economic development, have identified chairmen. Commission member Michael Miller, who serves on Charleston County School Board, suggested the the communications subcommittee needs to meet before the full Commission’s February 8 meeting.

“We have to create an avenue for members of the community to express what issues concern them most so we can address them,” Miller said.

In discussing the planning process, Charleston City Councilman Marvin Wagner indicated that different areas of West Ashley have different needs.

“We don’t have the same issues in Avondale as we have in Northbridge Terrace or where I live in Carolina Bay,” Wagner said. “We have to go into this understanding that one size doesn’t fit all.”

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8 at 5 pm. The location has not yet been determined. Shahid intends to have consulting firm Dover, Kohl and Partners prevent an overview of their planning process but noted the Revitalization Commission will drive the process.

The city ordinance which governs the Revitalization Commission calls for subcommittees dealing with communications, design, economic development, housing, parks and recreation, public works, senior citizens, environmental concerns, technology and transportation. Those interested in serving on a subcommittee should contact Molly Rhyne at RhyneM@Charleston-SC.gov.