West Ashley Master Plan hits a snag

West Ashley Master Plan hits a snag
December 21 19:37 2016 Print This Article

The Charleston City Council Ways and Means Committee, tasked with managing the city’s budget, voted 9-4 against a contract to pay consulting firm Dover, Kohl and Partners $500,000 to facilitate the West Ashley Master Plan. Among the reasons for the opposition was the understanding that the consultant fee was expected to be $350,000.

A selection committee consisting of five city staff employees and three City Councilmen recommended Dover Kohl over 10 other bidders. The 19-member West Ashley Revitalization Commission, which is tasked with making a recommendation on the plan offered by the consulting firm, was not included in the selection process.

Dover Kohl, which did consulting for the Mt. Pleasant subdivision I’on, is known for advocating the concept of New Urbanism, which focuses on building high-density apartment complexes and increasing the use of mass transportation and pedestrian traffic. A lot of West Ashley residents prefer the suburban design of single family homes and driving personally owned vehicles to their destinations.

The next Charleston City Council meeting is set for Tuesday, January 10. The next West Ashley Revitalization Commission meeting will be held Thursday, January 19. It is not clear if the consultant contract will be discussed at either meeting.