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Editor John Steinberger is a navy veteran, former teacher and longtime political activist. His Lowcountry Watchdog commentaries are designed to advocate for the average lowcountry citizen whose views are often ignored by local government and media. To discuss a topic of interest with John, email him at john@lowcountrysource.colophondev5.com.


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The true story of Thanksgiving

Most people learn in school that the Pilgrims came to the New World to pursue religious liberty, which they were denied in England. Few of us are taught the purpose and meaning of the first Thanksgiving. Radio talkshow host Rush

Griffin best choice to tackle flooding issue in District 10

Lowcountry Source endorses Harry Griffin in the 3-way race for Charleston City Council District 10. The district, which includes the neighborhoods from Pierpont to MacLaura Hall on the east side of Ashley River Road and Village Green, Shadowmoss, Hickory Hill,

Protestant Reformation reshaped Western Civilization

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, launched by pastor Martin Luther’s publication of 95 Theses and his sermon on Indulgances and Grace.  Luther was protesting the practice by Pope Leo X of selling “indulgences” to fund the

Intolerant Democrats want to shut down free speech

The Citadel Republican Society announced Thursday that Steve Bannon, a former advisor to President Donald Trump, was going to be the featured speaker at its annual Patriots Dinner on November 10. Local Democrats immediately lashed out at the decision. Charleston

BBC holds debate about America at Charles Towne Landing

A forum was held at Charles Towne Landing Friday with the theme Trump’s America: A Nation Divided? It was part of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) Global Questions series and included panelists Pastor Mark Burns, Democratic National Committee member Jaime

Priority – should we fund bicycle lanes or drainage improvement

Charleston County Council’s Finance Committee recently voted to provide $3 Million from the $2.1 Billion transportation sales tax fund to provide a dedicated pedestrian and bicycle path from West Ashley to downtown. From the language of the New Urbanism playbook,

South Carolina needs bold tax reform

For the second year in a row, the South Carolina House of Representatives has established a bi-partisan special committee to investigate tax reform proposals. The 2016 meetings did not result in any proposed legislation. The committee met last week and

CCSD continues top-down approach

In an editorial in Sunday’s Post and Courier Charleston County School Board Chair Kate Darby, Vice Chair Eric Mack, and Audit and Finance Committee Chair Todd Garrett stated that 84 percent of black students and 41 percent of white students

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