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Editor John Steinberger is a navy veteran, former teacher and longtime political activist. His Lowcountry Watchdog commentaries are designed to advocate for the average lowcountry citizen whose views are often ignored by local government and media. To discuss a topic of interest with John, email him at john@lowcountrysource.colophondev5.com.


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We should celebrate the collapse of the Berlin Wall

November 9, 1989 is a date free people all over the world should celebrate. In the middle of the night on that. date, thousands of East Germans with pick axes and sledge hammers toppled the barrier that kept them trapped

Americans have been mal-educated for decades

Basketball star LeBron James recently criticized the Houston Rockets’ General Manager for sending out a tweet favorable to the freedom fighters in Hong Kong. Talk radio Rush Limbaugh host chalked it up to mal-education in American schools. Students are not

West Ashley should get its fair share of hospitality tax revenue

In a Mayoral forum held Friday night at Seacoast Church West Ashley campus, WCBD anchor Carolyn Murray posed a question about why West Ashley doesn’t get its equitable share of hospitality tax revenue. Charleston collects a 2% sales tax on

Dorian – what went right

We can debate whether or not we agree with certain government decisions leading up to Hurricane Dorian’s Thursday approach past Charleston, but let’s agree that a lot of things went right before and after the storm. Here are some of

Don’t Urbanize West Ashley

Charleston’s November 5 municipal elections for Mayor and six City Council seats will be a referendum on whether voters who live outside the Charleston peninsula. (74% of the population) want to urbanize West Ashley and the other suburbs. Most people

Low Battery Wall project an expensive park

Charleston City Council wisely rejected an application request for a $32 million South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB) grant for the Low Battery Wall project. First of all, SCTIB was created as a fund to build new roads. Secondly, the

The push for “density” at Citadel Mall another attack on suburbs

The urban planners at City of Charleston have been calling for high-density development at Citadel Mall for years. They use the term “surface parking” as an epithet. Charleston City Council will be taking up a measure to increase the zoning

After years of neglect, SCDOT cleans Ashley Hall Road ditch

For years, we have been highly critical about the failure to maintain drainage systems in the Lowcountry. With numerous overlapping jurisdictions, it is easy to point fingers and say, “It is not our ditch.” After years of failing to maintain

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