Adaptive Expeditions expands opportunities for physically disabled

Adaptive Expeditions expands opportunities for physically disabled
September 14 15:07 2016 Print This Article

Joe Moore was in his third year of law school when his life was upended by a car accident. He lost a leg and then found after law school, sitting behind a desk as a lawyer took a tremendous toll on his body. He decided to return to Charleston. Moore wanted to participate in the water sports available in Charleston such as kayaking and surfing. There was nothing available for someone with a physical disability. He was referred to the Special Olympics which is for people with cognitive disabilities not physical disabilities. There was no organization in South Carolina to meet this huge need.

Moore exited the legal profession and decided to begin an organization to help people with physical disabilities. He started chapters of the Paralytic Sports Club and Disabled Sports USA in Charleston. Moore trained in how to adapt sports techniques and equipment for the physically disabled.

In 2015 Adaptive Expeditions was born. Adaptive Expeditions provides training for the physically and sensory disabled in sports such as cycling, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, paddle boarding, and sailing. The company also offers outdoor recreation adventures, as well as fitness and wellness programs such as adaptive yoga.

At this point Moore is the only full time employee. Not only does he provide workshops to train the disabled in sports but also workshops on how to design and build individualized sports equipment. Moore gets support from a very active board of volunteers. All funding is provided by donations and grants.

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