Mobile grocer schools us in Farmers Market sector

Mobile grocer schools us in Farmers Market sector
October 20 17:25 2016 Print This Article

Business partners Kate DeWitt and Lindsey Barrow want to revolutionize the local food supply market in Charleston County by putting the food on the move.

“The demand here for famers markets are a good way to bring change to the market and the demands for access”, says Lindsey.

According to the USDA, over 23,000 people in Charleston currently struggle to find fresh, nutritious food. These regions in the Lowcountry are referred to as ‘food deserts’, areas in which fresh grocers are over 1 mile away and with limited public transportation.

So, in order to make the most impact, the business duo decided to make their ‘brick-and-mortar’ store a mobile one. Funded by Kickstarter, Barrow and DeWitt transformed an old school bus into their mobile market, which they call the Lowcountry Street Grocery or LSG for short. Rails on the exterior of the bus host farm crates that hold the fresh produce and are shaded from the hot Charleston sun by a canopy overhead. Inside the bus are refrigerated areas that store local eggs and juice. Artisan soaps, honeys, and baked goods line the aisle of bus as well.

Being a mission-driven store really helps this company to keep moving lsg-bus-interiorforward for the greater good. Numerous companies are backing their benevolent intentions – most notable Whole Foods. By contributing to the additional outlets of supplying local food, they are expanding the network of bringing “good food to low access and low income areas.”

LSG anticipates expansion in the coming months to focus upon full sourcing. Barrow and DeWitt plan on making 18 stops a day, which is drastically up from their three to five daily stops they make currently. They will, however, maintain the present schedule of being an all-season, five-day-a-week mobile market. Inevitably, they plan on developing a Mobile Bus Stop app in the near future that will have the functionality to make requests on where the bus should stop. These stops would occur at public venues such as churches, schools, and local parks.

Lowcountry Street Grocery has been around since 2013 and continues to make a difference to communities around the Charleston area. So be on the lookout for the Green School Bus in your neighborhood.