Shadowmoss homeowners call for special election

Shadowmoss homeowners call for special election
September 13 17:57 2016 Print This Article

Members of the Shadowmoss Plantation Homeowners Association (HOA) gathered enough petition signatures to call for a special election for the HOA board of directors Wednesday, October 12 at 6 pm at Bees Landing Recreation Center, 1580 Ashley Gardens Boulevard in Grand Oaks.

Many Shadowmoss residents have objected to HOA management practices, including numerous inspections and fines, liens and foreclosure proceedings initiated against HOA members, hefty legal fees, the purchase of a vacant lot without a vote from the HOA membership and the failure to conduct annual financial audits as required by HOA rules.

The regular September HOA board meeting included a unanimous vote to sell the vacant lot at Shadowmoss Parkway and Muirfield Parkway, purchased for more than $50,000. The HOA board also agreed to discontinue the system of inspections and fines which led to 18 confirmed property liens and 11 foreclosure actions against HOA members during the past two years. Members contended that the inspection standards did not comply with HOA covenants.

Shadowmoss HOA members who want to replace the current board October 12 have set up the website and have established a social media presence. They want to gather more information about the HOA management company Community Management Group and probe into the heavy legal fees incurred in recent years.