Shadowmoss homeowners oust HOA board

Shadowmoss homeowners oust HOA board
October 12 20:34 2016 Print This Article

In a special meeting of the Shadowmoss Plantation Homeowners Association Board (HOA), members voted 347-5 to remove the existing HOA board of directors. A second vote was taken to elect a new slate of board members.

The special meeting was triggered by the collection of signatures from more than one-fourth of the 647 homeowners in the HOA. A registered letter was sent to the existing HOA board to notify it of the meeting, which was held at the Bees Landing Recreation Center.

All homeowners were given two minutes to comment prior to the vote. Many of the comments revolved around the need to come together as a neighborhood and to improve communications between the board, the management company (Community Management Group) and the homeowners. Realtor John Foscolos, who has been selling properties in Shadowmoss since 1988, said that it is still a desirable neighborhood to live in and that there is no reason for the HOA board to be at odds with a majority of residents.

The officers elected at the special meeting are Lin Bennett, Steve Taylor, Kelly Gaskins, Curt Norman, Artemiy Zheltov,, Lauren Cushing, and Mike Duck (a current board member). They will likely meet before the HOA’s November 9 annual meeting to elect a President, Treasurer and Secretary. An e-mail was sent out to HOA members that the results of the special election may face a legal challenge.