Bike lane telephone vote sparks controversy

Bike lane telephone vote sparks controversy
August 17 01:07 2016 Print This Article

Charleston City Councilman Bill Moody raised an objection over the telephone vote by Councilman Rodney Williams that was allowed at the body’s July 19 meeting. It determined the outcome of a 7-6 vote in favor of replacing a lane of vehicular traffic with a bicycle lane going across the Ashley River.

Moody cited the fact that the City of Charleston’s Rules and Procedures Ordinance passed January 26, 2016 does not allow telephone votes and that Robert’s Rules of Order apply unless a procedure is specified in the City Council rules. Robert’s Rules do not allow for telephone voting.

Moody suggested that Williams’ telephone vote should be nullified and that the outcome of the bicycle lane measure should be overturned. Mayor John Tecklenburg disagreed, stating that he took the advice of city attorney Susan Herdina and ruled that Williams’ vote was legal. Moody suggested that City Council should seek an Attorney General’s opinion on the July 26 vote.

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